• MCS COVID-19 Case Status Report

    Marietta City Schools continues to diligently monitor the health and safety of our school community. Our previous case reports provided active positive cases, meaning that an individual who tested positive could be included in the total for multiple weeks. To provide a more precise weekly overview, we have shifted to providing the number of new positive cases in MCS schools. For consistency, we have posted an archive of our reports beginning on August 14, 2021, to reflect new positive cases.

    MCS COVID-19 Positive Case Report for the Week of 10/9/2021-10/15/2021

      *  Our case reports are not updated during our breaks: Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Mid-Winter Break, and Spring Break.

    **  Per Department of Public Health guidance in addition to positive cases, we are now tracking and reporting presumptive positive cases.

    ***  Please be aware that numbers may shift after initial posting due to additional data (e.g., we are informed about a case late on a Friday evening after the report was posted).