Welcome to the Fine Arts Department of Marietta City Schools!

  • Marietta City Schools believes that Fine Arts instruction is essential for all students to receive in order to support their academic, social, emotional, and creative development. This goal is achieved through a comprehensive performing and visual arts curriculum that provides a wide range of learning experiences and performance opportunities at every level of Marietta City Schools.

  • Elementary Fine Arts Programs

    Beginning at the elementary level, all students receive instruction in music and visual art, with dance and theater programs offered at select schools.

    Elementary Art

    Elementary art programs provide students with learning experiences in a variety of media along with the knowledge to develop innovative techniques. Students explore diverse cultures in order to create global citizens who utilize art to enrich and enhance their lives through art practice and art appreciation.

    Elementary Music

    Elementary music programs provide a music education to primary year students that will help build confidence, promote community, and create well-rounded citizens. Students are actively engaged in learning through singing, movement, playing instruments, and listening to music. Students learn about musical styles of various cultures and time periods. Throughout the school year, students are given the opportunity to perform both at their school and in the community to showcase the talents they have and are growing in MCS Music programs.

    Secondary Fine Arts Programs

    Once students arrive at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy, students can further pursue a passion for the arts through participation in year-long educational programs in Performing and Visual Arts. These programs include Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Theatre, and Visual Art.

    These exceptional programs run through grades 6-12 which allow students to participate and continue to grow as an artist and performer as they continue on to Marietta Middle School, and as a Marietta High School Blue Devil.

    Marietta City Schools Performing Arts


    Band provides instruction on brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments beginning in 6th grade with beginning band and continuing until high school graduation. The Marietta Band program strives to provide all of its students with the best performance opportunities possible in either the concert band, jazz band, percussion ensembles, or the award-winning Marietta High School Marching band.


    Chorus is designed to enhance the musical, creative, and expressive qualities of all students. Musical opportunities are provided for every child to learn the basic skills of singing, playing and reading music, developing song repertoire, broadening listening skills, and experiencing the interrelated nature of music with other cultures and content areas. The MCS 6th-12th Choral program performs throughout the year at various functions, events, and festivals. Welcome to singing Marietta style!


    Dance is offered at Hickory Hills Elementary School and Marietta High School. Students learn dance history and dance technique in several styles including Modern, Ballet, Jazz, and World Dance. Students have an opportunity to choreograph, improvise movement, and grow in their individual style as a dance artist.

    Additionally, the classes focus on how dance and movement can be applied to the academic curriculum and is relevant to everyday life. The program strives to provide students with a positive environment to create, express, and dance!


    Orchestra was founded in 2016 in order to provide a quality and rigorous orchestra program in the Marietta community. The goal of the MCS Orchestra program is to provide a supportive community for exploring music making that helps students develop into lifelong learners of music.

    Students in grades 6-12 may choose to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass. They will receive training that helps them develop their skills through practice and performance. Students perform regularly in school concerts and have opportunities to perform throughout the community in order to share their talents and spread the joy of music.

    MCS Theatre

    The Theatre Programs of Marietta City Schools are in the spotlight! MCS Theatre programs feature award-winning faculty, excellent performance opportunities, and top-notch productions. Our staff provides fantastic learning opportunities for students by bringing in guest artists for workshops and by providing students with opportunities to extend their learning in the community, outside of school events. Accomplishments include winning Region One Act Play Competition and receiving Best Overall Production at Junior Theatre Festival.

    MCS Visual Arts

    The Marietta City Schools Visual Art program believes in a growth mindset that embraces differentiation in curriculum, techniques, and skills. We continue to promote cultural awareness through the lens of Visual Arts and celebrate the diversity within our community.

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  • Fine Arts Contact

    Carolyn Landreau
    Fine Arts Coordinator,
    Office of Academic Achievement
    250 Howard Street
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Phone: (770) 422-3500