Student Recognition

  • Our students at Marietta Middle School have shown that they are wonderful in many ways. Well-rounded and always showing their best, their accolades are something to share with the world.

    From quarterly to yearly honors, our students shine bright and continuously show what it means to take the middle to the TOP!

Mayor's Award 2020-2021

  • Thatcher Whitehouse

    Mayor's "Be Somebody" Award Recipient

  • ComPAny 5 Recognizes 

    3rd Place: Order Up by Kamrom Klitgaard
    Directors: Celeste Martin, Addison Moreland, Danika Kern
    Choreographer: Celeste Martin
    Stage Manager: Jeslene Anderson


    2nd Place: Murder at the Art Show by Michael Druce
    Director: Cindy Ihetu
    Choreographer: Sydney Hernandez
    Stage Manager: Lylah Campos Nodari
    Technical Director: John White


    1st Place: Law & Order Nursey Rhyme Unit by Jim & Jane Jeffries
    Director: Dayanna Osorio-Rodriguez
    Choreographer: Rebecca Mosely *Choreography Award Winner
    Stage Manager: Charlotte Common
    Technical Director: Landon Stewart


    OVERALL WINNERS: Goldilocks on Trial by Ed Monk

    Director: Anna Cavalho-Brito
    Choreographer: Ariana Mirsalimi *Choreography Award Winner
    Stage Manager: Addison Crowder
    Technical Director: Caleb Caldwell


    ComPAny 6 Recognizes 

    3rd Place: Big Bad by Alec Strum
    Directors: AJ Williams
    Choreographers: Amber Ryan & Destyn Hines
    Stage Manager/Technical Director: Lenah Azzuni


    2nd Place: Goldilocks on Trial by Ed Monk
    Director: Thatcher Whitehouse
    Choreographers: Danaya Barker & Liv Teverino
    Stage Manager: Emily Ulloa-Alvarez
    Technical Director: Jamicen Sassone


    1st Place: Wishful Thinking
    Director: James Larry Peck, III
    Choreographer: Phoebe Rowe & Martina Durso *Choreography Award Winners
    Stage Manager/Technical Director: Joshua Sexton


    OVERALL WINNERS: Law & Order Nursey Rhyme Unit by Jim & Jane Jeffries

    Director: Ari Brooklyn Jackson
    Choreographers: Myla Derosena & Libby Barnes
    Stage Manager/Technical Director: Nadia Parker

Spelling Bee District Winner 2021

  • Tejas Kadadi

    Spelling Bee Winner 2020-2021

  • Mentoring For Leadership
    Reach Scholars 2020-2021

    Khadija Jallow, Daniel Vasquez, David Olivares,
    Kaleb Whitlow, Gerald McCoy, Jaylen McCoy