Marietta College & Career Academy

  • Success starts here.

    Marietta High School's College & Career Academy is a robust educational program that aims to prepare all Marietta students in their journeys toward what's next.

    Our mission for all MHS graduates is:

    • Employment in a high-demand career;
    • Enrollment in post-secondary education; or
    • Enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces or other forms of civil service

    These outcomes help connect all of our students with higher wages at younger ages, which is core to the mission of the Marietta College & Career Academy.

    Reach out to Rob Garcia at to learn more.


    We celebrate employment in high-demand, high-wage jobs that lead to family-supporting careers — and our 20 career pathways are designed to equip our students with the skills for those careers.


    Whether enrollment in a technical skills training program, an associate's degree program at a technical college, or a 4-year college or university, post-secondary education is an excellent route toward a promising career.


    Enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces or civil service organizations like AmeriCorps provide service-based routes toward strong careers.