Advanced Studies FAQs

  • Why is the district using the Advanced Studies approach?

    This Advanced Studies approach organizes rigorous options under one umbrella. Advanced Study options include honors, accelerated, and/or Carnegie (high school) courses.

    How can my child access Advanced Study courses?

    Students will not need to apply and will be enrolled in courses based upon merit (MCS placement matrix), academic motivation, and completion of prerequisites. This approach is better aligned with Marietta High School, where students are not required to apply for access to rigorous coursework (Dual Enrollment, Career-Related and Full-IB, and Advanced Placement).

    Are Enhanced Classes still offered?

    We have transitioned from ‘Enhanced’ to ‘Honors.’ Honors courses will include both gifted and non-gifted academically motivated learners. Students scoring at or above the 65th percentile (current percentile for enhanced) will be able to access these courses. Further, students working above grade level but fall under the 65th percentile may submit a waiver to be considered for placement in an Honors course.

    How are World Language and Fine Arts offerings impacted?

    There are no proposed changes to these offerings; however, the Honors and Carnegie courses offered within World Language and Fine Arts also fall under the umbrella of Advanced Studies.

    Will my student still be associated with an academic team?

    At MSGA/MMS, students will continue to take their core academic classes on one team to the greatest extent possible. Some students may need to take off-team courses as a result of their academic/elective needs and course availability.

    Will my student experience activities aligned to STEM/STEAM?

    As International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) schools, we are expected to implement components of STEM/STEAM within our course offerings.

    Will my child still be considered an IB MYP student?

    Yes, all Marietta City School students in grades 6-10 are considered IB MYP students.

    Will out-of-district students who are still waiting for admission be able to select electives and Waive Up?

    Out-of-district students will have the opportunity to select electives after they are enrolled. Out-of-district families will be allowed to use the same Waive Up form as well.

    What is Carnegie?

    Carnegie refers to high school credit courses. Students are able to earn Carnegie credits towards graduation.

    Do teachers recommend Carnegie courses?

    Yes, teachers will make recommendations for all courses, including Carnegie courses.

    Are Carnegie classes taken at the Middle School or High School building?

    Students in 7th and 8th grade take Carnegie classes at Marietta Middle School.

    Which MAP assessment is used for the recommendation?

    Any current-year MAP assessment may be used for recommendation.

    Can non-MILE students qualify for an honors class?

    Yes. Our goal is to provide access to eligible students who can handle the rigor and challenge of honors classes. Any student who meets the placement criteria qualifies for an honors course.

    Are students with Carnegie credits still required to have two years of foreign language while in high school, or would the Carnegie class mean only one more year of a foreign language is needed?

    There is not a GADOE World Language graduation requirement. World Language classes come into play when you apply to colleges and universities.

    Where can I see curriculum for the IB program?

    Find curriculum and other information on our middle and high school level IB webpage.

    Where can I see course progressions for Marietta City Schools?

    This information can be found on the MCS Course Progressions webpage.

    Since the teachers are making recommendations before the end of the year, will they use third-quarter grades to determine EOG?


    Does only math have an accelerated course for 6th grade?

    Yes. Math 6/7 is the only accelerated course at the 6th grade. 

    Where can I view the Advanced Studies course matrix?

    The Advanced Studies matrix can be found in the resource section of this webpage.