• Leading in STEAM Education at MCAA

    MCAA prioritizes professional learning in STEAM for all staff members, engaging with community partners to strengthen STEAM learning of all students, and on-going communication with stakeholders about our commitment to STEAM in our school.

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    Our Narrative

    MCAA staff engages in monthly STEAM professional learning to expand on our knowledge and stay current with innovative practices. The professional learning is provided by both external and internal individuals and is developed based on the unique needs and wants of the staff members. Each year staff members are surveyed on their needs regarding STEAM professional learning. A plan is then developed to meet the overall needs of the staff. Teacher leaders are given the opportunity to present on areas of strength and redeliver information obtained from STEM endorsement classes and other professional learning. External experts are brought in to present on different areas in order to enhance STEAM experiences and curriculum.

    This learning is utilized when MCAA staff build, develop, and enhance STEAM units. Throughout the years the unit planners have evolved based on the knowledge that our staff has obtained. As we introduce new concepts, we then integrate it into our unit planner to allow staff to immediately implement new learning. While writing and enhancing units, staff members can also request professional learning needs that will allow them to enrich units for students. All certified staff members have at least one endorsement in a specialty area (gifted, STEM, math, teacher leadership, etc.). The majority of certified staff members have advanced degrees.

    Staff members attend various conferences to support STEAM programming and to support the ongoing improvement of STEAM units. Teachers have attended conferences such as the Georgia STEM Conference, the Georgia Educational Technology Conference, the Georgia Teachers of Mathematics Conference, and the Cobb County STEMapalooza. At many of these conferences, teacher leaders have presented on various STEAM related topics.

    Throughout the halls of MCAA, there is a visual shadow box display that represents the MCAA EDP. There is a box for each of the 6 steps of the process. Throughout the STEAM units, students and staff place evidence for each of the steps within the shadow boxes. This evidence includes student journals, photographs, actual products, etc. The shadow boxes serve as a way for all visitors and various stakeholders to access current STEAM units to learn about the implementation that occurs within the classrooms. During the school year, MCAA hosts between two and four STEAM Showcase nights that extend beyond the regular school day. Multiple stakeholders are invited to the STEAM Showcase nights including Central Office staff, partners, community members, and students, student families, and all staff. This is a required event for all staff members at MCAA. During these STEAM showcases, students share what STEAM unit(s) they have been working on with their families and stakeholders.

    STEAM Professional Development Information

    Standard 3: Professional staff members and leaders participate in an ongoing system of STEM-specific professional learning.

    STEAM Community Partnerships

    Standard 4: Leaders engage a diverse network of community partners and stakeholders in order to support and sustain STEM programs and initiatives.

    Flagship Partners at MCAA

    Partners are aligned with grade levels to support and establish solid connections to grade-level standards. In addition to lessons, the partners have a dedicated space at MCAA, and professionals from the business/organization attend frequent student/staff meetings and classes.

    • The Atlanta Braves
    • Farm Bureau Insurance
    • The Georgia Aquarium
    • Six Flags Over Georgia
    • Marietta Business Association
    • Marietta City Schools Foundation
    • Marietta High School
    • McDonald's
    • TK Elevator

    Further STEAM Program Information

    Standard 5: Leaders ensure that all stakeholders have ongoing opportunities to access information and learn about STEM implementation.