summer reading challenge all ages

Welcome to the 2024 Summer Reading Challenge!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I access the Summer Reading Program information? 
    All information can be found on the Cobb County Public Library Summer Reading Program page.

    Why should students participate in a Summer Reading Program? 
    Research shows that many children experience what is often called the "summer slide," when students are exposed to fewer educational opportunities and, as a result, lose some of the gains made in school during the school year. Studies show that students often maintain or improve their reading abilities throughout the summer by actively participating in a summer reading program.*

    How does the Summer Reading Program encourage students to read?
    Students can keep track of time spent reading to compete with other MCS schools and schools across the county on Beanstack. On the Beanstack website, students can also participate in weekly challenges for prizes and badges and get to know their favorite authors. 

    Where do students log their reading minutes? 
    Create a Beanstack account, where students will log reading minutes and participate in any activities listed on the site! 

    What should we do if we have difficulty accessing the internet?
    Students may write their minutes on a paper log that contains the following information: student's name, date, minutes read, and title of book. Please bring your reading log to your school library media specialist at the beginning of the school year. 

    Is there a suggested book list? 
    A key factor in cultivating lifelong reading is choosing what to read. Rather than a set list of books, students are free to read the books they choose. Each grade level page has book suggestions for engaging reads.  

    Please note: Some schools and/or classes do have required reading. Please verify with your child's school or teacher. 

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