Department of School Operations

central office

Responsible for the planning, operation, evaluation and improvement of the daily operations of Marietta City Schools, including but not limited to; implementation and annual revision of the behavior code; administration and supervision of school governance teams (SGTs); residency verification; school safety; administration of school social work program; design and implementation of special programs to complement the regular instructional program; development of the school calendar; testing and assessment; and review, planning, and implementation of the system’s summer school program.

Performance Learning Center

The Marietta Performance Learning Center (PLC) is an innovative partnership between Marietta City Schools and Communities in Schools of Marietta/Cobb County. The PLC serves students who are not succeeding in a traditional school setting or are one or more years behind their peers academically and desire to complete their graduation requirements in concert with their peers. The PLC maintains a business-like learning environment where students complete assignments using an integrated online and project-based curriculum that is aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards. In addition to their classroom work, PLC students engage in service learning projects, college and career planning and exploration, leadership development, and other enrichment activities, often working with mentors who serve the center.

For additional information contact:
Tammie Roach, Academic Coordinator

School Social Work Services

School social workers are a vital link between the school and home, and work to promote the academic success of all students. School social workers are assigned to every school and are trained to utilize the resources of the community to meet the needs of students and their families. The school social worker is also charged with enforcing the Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law which may lead to court involvement if students fail to attend school regularly.

Technology Services

Responsible for the operation of all district technology applications, including computer hardware, software, and training/instruction of staff in use and maintenance of technology as appropriate.


pdf file  MCS Technology Plan


Dr. Dayton Hibbs
Associate Superintendent
250 Howard Street
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 422-3500, ext. 7268

Preston Howard
Operations Administrator
250 Howard Street
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 422-3500, ext. 7286

David Digiovanni
Director, Technology and Information Systems
250 Howard Street
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 422-3500

Forrestella Taylor
Administrator of Accountability and Program Support
250 Howard Street
Marietta, GA  30060
Phone: (770) 422-3500, ext. 7296

Milena Skollar
School Social Worker
340 Aviation Road
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 429-3115
Services: Hispanic students and families at all Marietta City Schools

Valerie Stinson
School Social Worker
120 Saine Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30008
Phone: (770) 429-3190
Services: Sawyer Road, West Side, Dunleith, A.L. Burruss, Marietta Key

Kristin Hanfland
School Social Worker
340 Aviation Road
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 429-3115
Services: MCS, MCAA, MSGA, MMS, Woods Wilkins

Adrienne McGahee-Jackson
School Social Worker
1171 Whitlock Avenue
Marietta, GA 30064
Phone: (770) 428-2631
Services: Lockheed, Hickory Hills, MHS, Woods Wilkins