General Information

  • The mission of the Media Center is to support the curriculum of the school. Our Media Center contains approximately 19,000 items of age-appropriate material to fulfill this mission. audiovisual equipment, housed in the Media Center, is available for teachers to use in the classroom.

    Instruction is given in basic Media Center skills and information retrieval. Practice is achieved through written and oral projects assigned by the classroom teachers.

    We invite you to send your questions about the Park Street Media Center to us by email.


    The Media Center follows the school schedule, normally 8:15 AM through 3:15 PM

    Borrowing Privileges

    Students may keep library materials for two weeks. We do not charge overdue fines; however, fees are incurred for lost or damaged items.


    The Media Center has computers for student use. All library functions are fully automated. Students use the automated catalog to locate any material in the library. The Media Center catalog is available to any classroom in the building through the school computer network.

    We participate in the Accelerated Reader Program, which was designed to encourage students to read at the appropriate reading level. Books that are too easy do not encourage growth; books that are too difficult cause frustration. The most productive level is in-between books that are both pleasurable and challenging.

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