MSGA Bell Schedule

  • Daily (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

    • 1st Period: 9:15-10:06 am
    • "Blazing Blue Block:" 10:10-10:40 am
    • 2nd Period: 10:44-11:35 am
    • 3rd Period: 11:39 am-1:09 pm
    • Lunch:
      • A1: 11:39 am-12:04 pm
      • A2: 11:44 am-12:09 pm
      • B1: 12:11-12:36 pm
      • B2: 12:16-12:41 pm
      • C1: 12:43-1:08 pm
    • 4th Period: 1:13-2:04 pm
    • 5th Period: 2:08-2:59 pm
    • 6th Period: 3:03-4:00 pm

    Advisement (Wednesday)

    • 1st Period: 9:15-10:04 am
    • 2nd Period: 10:08-10:57 am
    • 3rd Period: 11:01 am-12:30 pm
    • Lunch:
      • A1: 11:01-11:26 pm
      • A2: 11:06-11:31 am
      • B1: 11:33-11:58 am
      • B2: 11:38 am-12:03 pm
      • C1: 12:05-12:30 pm
    • 4th Period: 12:34-1:23 pm
    • 5th Period: 1:27-2:16 pm
    • 6th Period: 2:20-3:11 pm
    • Advisement: 3:15-4:00 pm

    Additional Bell Schedule Information

    • Marietta Sixth Grade Academy classes begin at 9:15 am and end at 4:00 pm.
    • Students are allotted four (4) minutes to transition at Voice Level 1 (VL1).
    • Parents/Guardians may drop off their students no earlier than 8:45 am. Students then go directly to the Cafeteria for breakfast or to class.
    • Students are tardy after 9:15 am. Students are counted present for the day if they arrive by 9:15 am and stay until at least 12:50 pm or arrive prior to 12:50 pm and stay until 4:00 pm Partial attendance of a school day is considered a tardy.

Parent/Student Handbook

Bus Routes

  • Please take this opportunity to review your students' school bus routes for the 2022-2023 school year. If you don’t see a bus stop for your student to safely access, please fill out a bus stop appeal form.


  • What should parents/guardians do if their student(s) does not arrive at his/her bus stop?

    Parents should contact Marietta City Schools Transportation Department Dispatch Desk at 770.429.3110  Dispatch can usually communicate the name of the missing student to the driver to confirm if the student did indeed board the school bus. If this cannot be confirmed, dispatch will issue an "all call" to all bus routes from the student's school. Parents should also contact their school to determine if the student boarded a bus or is attending an After School Program.

    What should parents (guardians) do if the school bus arrives late at the bus stop?

    Parents should contact the  Transportation Department Dispatch Desk at 770.429.3110  for an update on the bus route and any delays it may have encountered. Dispatch can also provide an update on the pickup or drop off time if the bus has already serviced the bus stop in question. If the bus is more than 10-15 minutes late in the morning, parents should contact the Dispatch Desk for an updated arrival time. MCS Transportation will always run a bus to service a stop even if the bus is going to run late. Breakfast is held for any students arriving late to school aboard a school bus and students are not counted as tardy.
  • Safe Rider Program
    Our Safe Rider Program is a student management program which promotes and teaches proper school bus safety. The core of the program promotes personal accountablity as it relates to bus safety because unsafe choices endager the safety of all passengers. 
    For more information, click the link below and/or contact MCS Transportation at 770.429.3110
    Safe Rider Contract