• MSGA Athletics


    Athletic clubs and activities are an important part of student development. Participation in different athletic clubs and activities provides students the opportunity to develop skills in social interaction, to be creative, and to assume positions of leadership and responsibility. Activity programs provide valuable lessons for many practical situations. Through participation in activity programs, students learn teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, self-confidence, and skills to handle competitive situations.

    Marietta Sixth Grade Academy provides a wide variety of activities in which students may involve themselves. All students at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. MSGA athletics currently include:

    For more information, including tryout dates, eligibility information, and required sports med docs, please visit www.marietta-athletics.com.

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Marietta City Schools Athletic Department is to provide student/athletes a wide range of learning experiences including integrity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership through participation in interscholastic activities.

  • Sports Medicine

    The Marietta High School sports medicine program is dedicated to providing the highest quality health care for all MCS athletes. We provide preventative care, injury evaluations, immediate injury care, and rehabilitative services for all injuries.

    All athletes should report any injury to the athletic trainer as soon as possible. In the event an athlete cannot participate in practices due to an injury they will be expected to report to the athletic training room for rehab.

    The MHS sports medicine program also provides an opportunity for high school students to gain education in medical care by participating in the student athletic trainer program. MHS student athletic training aides assist in practice and game preparation, taping, and basic first aid.

  • Eligibility Information

    Each student playing on the athletic team at Marietta High School must be eligible under the conditions set forth by the Georgia High School Association. The major requirements for eligibility are:

    1. Current Eligibility Release, Insurance Information and Medical Authorization Form must be on file in the Athletic Office.
    2. Must have passed 6 courses from the previous semester.
    3. Must be "on track" toward graduation as outlined below, in Carnegie Units required:
      • End of first year: 4
      • End of second year: 10
      • End of third year: 16

    Additional Requirements:

    • A student becomes eligible/ineligible on the first day of the next semester if they have/have not passed 6 subjects the preceding semester. Summer school is an extension of the spring semester.
    • Students must be in attendance at school for at least 2 blocks to be able to participate in any practices, performances or games that day.
    • Students who have been suspended from school or in MAC are ineligible to participate in practices, performances or games during their assigned days or be in attendance.

    It is the policy of the Marietta Board of Education that no student shall, on the basis of gender, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, be treated differently from another student, or otherwise be discriminated against in any interscholastic or intramural activities offered by Marietta City Schools, and Marietta City Schools shall not provide any such activities separately on such basis.

    The Marietta City School District annually shall notify all of its students of the name, office address, and office telephone number of the employee(s) who coordinate efforts to comply with and carry out the provisions of State Board of Education Policy IDE(3) (Rule 160-5-1-20) and state law. This notification shall be included in a student handbook containing the code of conduct and distributed to all students.