• Extra-curricular clubs and activities are an important part of the life of the middle-school child. Membership in different clubs and organizations gives students the opportunity to develop skills in social interaction, to be creative, and to assume positions of responsibility. Marietta Middle School provides a wide variety of activities in which students may involve themselves. All students at Marietta Middle School are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities.
    Name of Club/Organization Brief Description of Mission/Purpose Name of Faculty Advisor(s) Brief Description of Past or Planned Activities

    Beta Club

    "Let us lead by serving others."

    Mandee Jablonski 

    Drama Club

    Students explore theatrical art through improvisation, monologues and dialogues, storytelling, fairy tales, and fables

    Kayce Grogan-Wallace


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Allowing all students the opportunity to fellowship in their own ways while fostering understanding among diverse school populations and providing a safe environment for students to positively cope with the unique stresses of middle school academics, sports, and life.

    Mr. Meaders

    MMS Chorus

    Students experience a wide range of musical styles; learn to read music; participate in yearlong performances; and develop a sense of community and belonging through participation.

    Meets: School Day Club plus some after school events


    National Junior Art Society

    Students advocate for Visual Arts by exploring a variety of art forms.

    Mary Northcutt


    Student Governance Team

    Students represent the school in various roles to enhance and improve school culture.

    Robert Meaders



    Create Marietta Middle School's yearbook.

    Lesley Colon-Robinson