Marietta Middle School Media Center

  • The mission of the Marietta Middle School Media Center is to encourage students and staff to become lifelong readers and users of information. The Media Center's collection and services also aim to support and enrich the curriculum of Marietta Middle School.

    General Information


    The Media Center is available for students is from 7:15 a .m. through 2:30 p.m. Students visit the Media Center with a class or with a pass from any teacher.

    Borrowing Privileges:

    Fiction and non-fiction books have a three-week loan period and may be renewed at any time.


    Students will only be charged fees if a book is damaged.

    • Tier 1: $3.00. This includes, but is not limited to: writing in books, bent pages (please us a bookmark!), deep scratches to the covers and ripped pages.
    • Tier 2: $5.00. This includes, but is not limited to: torn pages, torn covers, subtle water and/or food damage (can be cleaned), and damage to the spine.
    • Tier 3: Full price of the book. This is when books are damaged beyond repair and cannot be reshelved, such as significant food and water damage, multiple torn pages or a fully broken spine.

    If a book is lost or not returned the student is responsible for the full price of the book. Please keep in mind that books that are not returned are books that are unavailable to other students!


    The Media Center collection consists of references, non-fiction, and fiction books. We also have books in Spanish and Portuguese. We currently house over 14,000 books and almost 1,100 audiovisual items. There is also an online catalog that can be accessed in school and at home to browse our resources.

    In addition to traditional resources, computer research is done using electronic databases, multimedia encyclopedias, atlases, and the Internet. Students also have access to GALILEO.

  • We Have eBooks!

    Here is how to access our library of eBooks:

    1. Click on the Destiny Discover link in our Bitmoji library to open the Destiny Discover homepage.
    2. Log in to your account by using your "lunch id #" as your username and "student" as your password.
    3. Scroll down to the eBook section and check them out!

    eBooks have a two-week loan period and can be renewed once. You can read the eBook through the website or you can download the "Destiny Read" app on your device for easy access to the eBook you have checked out.

GALILEO database logo

    GALILEO is a free virtual library. Students are able to use GALILEO to help with finding reliable peer-reviewed resources for a variety of school projects.

    To access, visit the GALILEO homepage. Contact your media specialist for the current sign-in password.