Marietta Performance Learning Center

A Marietta High School Program

Student Profile

  • Beginning 3rd yr. students with 10-15 credits who are not classified as Juniors.
  • Transfer students who arrive after 45 days into semester and stand to audit classes.
  • Students whose absences (homebound, hospitalization, etc.) have made successful completion of courses impossible.
  • Students who may be on target academically, but for social reasons may need a smaller setting “ Square Pegs”.
  • Students who may be ahead in their credits and choose to take advantage of dual enrollment opportunities available at Chattahoochee Technical College.
  • Students who may be ahead in their credits, desire a minimal schedule, but are not eligible for any work program.
  • 5th year students
Because of the accelerated independent nature of the classes at MPLC, students with chronic behavior issues and students who receive intensive ELL & SPED services may not be viable candidates.