MSGA School Profile

  • MSGA Mission

    We strive to develop Connected, Global Learners!

    MSGA Vision

    We aspire to be a Gateway to Learning Excellence!

  • IB World School Logo

    IB Middle Years Programme at MSGA

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy (MSGA) provides all students an interdisciplinary, student-centered academic program that develops a global perspective through inquiry-based learning. MYP infuses local, state, and national curriculum requirements, as well as places emphasis on the arts, foreign language, and technology.

    In addition, the Middle Years Program provides a framework of academic challenge encouraging students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, becoming critical and reflective thinkers. More information regarding IB programs can be located at the International Baccalaureate homepage or by referring to IB Middle Years Program (MYP) Frequently Asked Questions.

    Course Offerings

    Under the umbrella of the Middle Years Program, students receive a rigorous and balanced education. In addition to their core classes, MSGA students take a foreign language, a graphic or performing art, and physical education. We meet the diverse needs of learners by offering a variety of courses to include traditional, enhanced, and gifted (advanced content model) classes. 

    "Ready, Respectful, and Responsible"

    The Marietta Sixth Grade Academy provides students with a very unique opportunity to transition into secondary education. Because we are just a one grade level school, we are able to completely focus on successfully transitioning students between elementary and middle school. During this process, we focus on the importance of practicing respect and responsibility, which forms the foundation of our school-wide discipline plan.

    Students are expected to respect themselves, their peers, the adults in their lives, and the MSGA facility. Likewise, students are expected to take responsibility for becoming productive students. Along with the IB Learner Profile, these two vital character traits are modeled and practiced by the MSGA faculty and staff.

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Classroom teacher with student
  • MSGA Bell Schedule

    Daily (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

    • 1st Period: 9:15-10:06 am
    • "Blazing Blue Block:" 10:10-10:40 am
    • 2nd Period: 10:44-11:35 am
    • 3rd Period: 11:39 am-1:09 pm
    • Lunch:
      • A1: 11:39 am-12:04 pm
      • A2: 11:44 am-12:09 pm
      • B1: 12:11-12:36 pm
      • B2: 12:16-12:41 pm
      • C1: 12:43-1:08 pm
    • 4th Period: 1:13-2:04 pm
    • 5th Period: 2:08-2:59 pm
    • 6th Period: 3:03-4:00 pm

    Advisement (Wednesday)

    • 1st Period: 9:15-10:04 am
    • 2nd Period: 10:08-10:57 am
    • 3rd Period: 11:01 am-12:30 pm
    • Lunch:
      • A1: 11:01-11:26 pm
      • A2: 11:06-11:31 am
      • B1: 11:33-11:58 am
      • B2: 11:38 am-12:03 pm
      • C1: 12:05-12:30 pm
    • 4th Period: 12:34-1:23 pm
    • 5th Period: 1:27-2:16 pm
    • 6th Period: 2:20-3:11 pm
    • Advisement: 3:15-4:00 pm

    Additional Bell Schedule Information

    • Marietta Sixth Grade Academy classes begin at 9:15 am and end at 4:00 pm.
    • Students are allotted four (4) minutes to transition at Voice Level 1 (VL1).
    • Parents/Guardians may drop off their students no earlier than 8:45 am. Students then go directly to the Cafeteria for breakfast or to class.
    • Students are tardy after 9:15 am. Students are counted present for the day if they arrive by 9:15 am and stay until at least 12:50 pm or arrive prior to 12:50 pm and stay until 4:00 pm Partial attendance of a school day is considered a tardy.