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    2018 Cobb County Tournament October 6th 
    Team Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
    1 Mt. Paran Lassiter Pope Kennesaw Mtn.
    2 Hillgrove Allatoona Walker Harrison
    3 Kell North Cobb Marietta Wheeler
    4 South Cobb Sprayberry McEachern  
    Pool Play
    Time Court 1 Court 2  Court 3   
    8am 1 vs 3 (pool A) 1 vs 3 (pool B) 1 vs 3 (pool C)  
    9am 2 vs 4 (pool A) 2 vs 4 (pool B) 2 vs 4 (pool C)  
    10am 1 vs 3 (pool D) 4 vs 1 (pool A) 4 vs 1 (pool B)  
    11am 4 vs 1 (pool C) 3 vs 2 (pool D) 3 vs 2 (pool A)  
    NOON 3 vs 2 (pool B) 3 vs 2 (pool C) 3 vs 4 (pool A)  
    1pm 3 vs 4 (pool B) 3 vs 4 (pool C) 1 vs 2 (pool D)  
    2pm 1 vs 2 (pool A) 1 vs 2 (pool B) 1 vs 2 (pool C)  
    3:30p Silver 1st Rd. Playoffs Silver 1st Rd. Playoffs Silver 1st Rd. Playoffs  
    4:30p Gold 1st Rd. Playoffs Gold 1st Rd. Playoffs Gold 1st Rd. Playoffs  
    5:30p Gold 1st Rd. Playoffs Silver 2nd Rd. Playoffs Silver 2nd Rd. Playoffs  
    6:30p Gold 2nd Rd. Playoffs Gold 2nd Rd. Playoffs Silver Championship  
    7:30p Gold Championship      
  • Coach Contact Info
    Jeff Black: jblack@marietta-city.k12.ga.us
    Chelsea Brady: cbrady@marietta-city.k12.ga.us

    Nancy Donnelly: ndonnelly@marietta-city.k12.ga.us
    Elizabeth Bedell: ebedell@marietta-city.k12.ga.us


    Varsity Roster/Schedule Day Date Time Opponent Location
    Katie Bonner Tuesday 14-Aug 6 & 7 PM Woodland/Gordon Central Woodland
    Morgan Darby Thursday 16-Aug 5:00 PM Sprayberry Marietta
    Kendall Gazaway Tuesday 21-Aug 5 & 7 PM Mt. Bethel/South Cobb Marietta
    Kameela Graves Thursday 23-Aug 5 & 7 PM Creekview/Campbell Marietta
    Caroline Hankins Saturday 25-Aug 9:30-2:30   Pace Academy
    Sarah Krivsky Tuesday 28-Aug 6:00 PM North Cobb *area* North Cobb
    Katie Nason Thursday 30-Aug 5:30 & 6:30 Sprayberry/Gilmer Sprayberry
    Schuyler Parker Wednesday 5-Sep 5:30 PM Kennesaw Mtn *area* Marietta
    Sarah Beth Poston Saturday 8-Sep TBA Warrior Classic North Cobb
    Zoe Shippee Monday 10-Sep 5:30 & 6:30 Wheeler/Creekview Wheeler
    Grace Thompson Tuesday 11-Sep 5:30 PM North Paulding *area* North Paulding
    Lauren Walker Thursday 13-Sep 6:00 PM Creekview/Kell Creekview
    Richardson, Jasmine Tuesday 18-Sep 5:30 PM McEachern *area* McEachern
    Smart, Katharine Thursday 20-Sep 6:30 & 7:30 Douglas County/South Cobb South Cobb
    Coach Jeff Black Thursday 4-Oct 5:30 PM Hillgrove *area* Marietta
    Coach Chelsea Brady Saturday 6-Oct TBA Cobb County Tourney Allatoona
      Monday 8-Oct 5:30 & 7:30 Pebblebrook/Wheeler Marietta
      Tues-Wed-Thurs Oct 9, 10, 11 TBA Area Tourney TBA


    JV Roster/Schedule Day Date Time Opponent Location
    Veronica Allen Monday 13-Aug 6:15 & 7:15 North Cobb/Wheeler Campbell (county)
    Anabelle Barahona Tuesday 14-Aug 6 & 7 Woodland/Gordon Central Woodland (w/ varsity)
    Mclain Brogdon Saturday 18-Aug TBA Warrior Classic Playdate North Cobb
    Mary Margaret Kelley Monday 20-Aug 6:15 & 7:15 McEachern/Kell Sprayberry (county)
    Isabelle Kiser Tuesday 21-Aug 5 & 7 Mt. Bethel/South Cobb Marietta (w/ varsity)
    Isabel Linares Thursday 23-Aug 5 & 7 North Springs/Campbell Marietta (w/ varsity)
    Lillie Murrell Monday 27-Aug 6:15 & 7:15 Hillgrove/Kennesaw Mtn. Kennesaw Mtn. (county)
    Elizabeth Nason Monday 10-Sep 5:15 & 6:15 Osborne ct. 1/Sprayberry ct. 1 Marietta (county)
    Lindsey Rubury Tuesday 11-Sep 5 & 6 North Paulding/Holy Spirit North Paulding (w/ varsity)
    Jadyn Stanley Thursday 13-Sep 6 & 7 Creekview/Kell Creekview
    Madison Weaver Monday 17-Sep 5:15 & 6:15 Walker/South Cobb Campbell (county)
    Quadriyah Williams Wednesday 19-Sep TBA JV County Tourney TBA
    Coach Liz Bedell Thursday 20-Sep 6:30 & 7:30 Douglas County/South Cobb South Cobb
    Coach Nancy Donnelly Saturday 22-Sep TBA JV County Tourney TBA



  • Elementary/MSGA/MMS Volleyball

    Continuous Growth Remaining Sessions: Wednesday October 4th
    and Friday October 12th, 5-7 PM.

    General Inquiries: mariettabluedevilvolleyball@gmail.com

    Marietta Volleyball is excited to announce we will have youth club teams 
    that will be coached by the Marietta Volleyball Staff and practice out of MCS facilities! 

    Club Structure

    - 10-11 Athletes per team
    - Season starts with a holiday camp January 1st and 2nd (3 hours per day)
    - Practice 2x/week (probably Tuesday/Friday or Wednesday/Friday)
    - 4 local tourneys around metro Atlanta
    - 14 Week Season: Week of January 7th - April 20th (skip winter/spring break)

    Team Structure

    - Athletes will be placed on teams based on age and skill level
    - We plan to have 2 teams, head coaches will be Jeff Black and Chelsea Brady

    Tentative Tournament Schedule

    Date Tournament Location
    Saturday 2.9.19 Serve Your Heart Out I Suwannee
    Sunday 3.3.19 March Mash Up II Suwannee
    Saturday 3.30.19 NAVC Pre-BSQ Metro ATL
    Saturday 4.20.19 NAVC Empire City Metro ATL

    Fee Schedule

    Total Fees: $1250

    October Deposit $500
    November $250
    December $250
    January $250
    *$100 Discount to Pay in Full*


    Date: October 16th 
    Time: 5-7 PM
    Cost: $30

    Register for Tryouts

    Athletes must pre-register with the SRVA - 
    Click here 

    - Select Member Registration
    - Follow the prompts for NEW or RETURNING members
    - Please print off the form with the PIN number on it and bring a copy to tryouts. 
    - We must have this when you check-in at tryouts.
    - The club will pay your membership dues if you make a team, please DO NOT PAY.


    SRVA Age Definitions 2018-2019

    14 and Under: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2004
    13 and Under: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2005
    12 and Under: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2006

    Click Here to View the SRVA Tryout Policy