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Student Incentives

We understand that enthusiasm for learning is vital to every student's success. That's why we have incorporated a motivational system where students can earn awards upon reaching each goal.

  • Verbal Praise & Reinforcement: Personal praise, encouragement, and reinforcement from our teachers continually promote student's self-confidence and motivation.
  • Awards, Certificates & Prizes: Students may receive various awards and certificates of achievement in recognition of effort and accomplishments. In addition, students can also earn prizes and have the opportunity to participate in special recognition events.

Student Incentives by Grade

Kindergarten Incentives

  Picture posted on MCS Website (Quarterly Group Picture)
Points Incentives
5 Letter from Principal
10 Ribbon
15 Letter from Superintendent & Treat
20 Zaxby’s coupon & Marietta Reads! Water Bottle
35 Letter from Mari-Etta & AR Party
40 Medallion
40+ Picture posted on webpage (quarterly group picture )

1st Grade Incentives

Points Incentives
5 Letter from Principal
15 Ribbon
20 Zaxby’s Coupon
30 Letter from Superintendent & Treat
40 Letter from Mari-Etta & AR Party
60 Marietta Reads! Water Bottle
75 Medallion & Principal’s Luncheon
75+Picture posted on Website (Quarterly Group Picture)

2nd Grade incentives

 AR Party
Points Incentives
10 Letter from Principal
20 Ribbon
30 Zaxby’s Coupon
40 Letter from Superintendent & Treat
55 AR Party 
75 Marietta Reads! Water Bottle
90 Medallion & Principal’s Luncheon
90+ Picture posted on Website (Quarterly Group Picture)

3rd Grade Incentives

  Medallion & Principal’s Luncheon
Points Incentives
15 Letter from Principal
25 Ribbon
35 Zaxby’s Coupon
45 Letter from Superintendent & Treat
65 AR Party
90 Marietta Reads! Water Bottle
110 110 Medallion & Principal’s Luncheon

4th Grade Incentives

Points Incentives
20 Letter from Principal
30 Ribbon
40 Zaxby’s Coupon
50 Letter from Superintendent & Treat
75 AR Party
100 Marietta Reads! Water Bottle
120 Medallion & Principal’s Luncheon
120+ Picture posted on webpage (quarterly group picture )

5th Grade Incentives

Points Incentives
25 Letter from Principal
35 Ribbon
45 Zaxby’s Coupon
60 Letter from Superintendent & Treat
85 AR Party 
110 Marietta Reads! Water Bottle
140 Medallion & Principal’s Luncheon
140+ Picture posted on webpage (quarterly group picture )

6th Grade Incentives

Points Incentives

Points Incentives
25 20 PBIS Dots

Incentive is earned through the student’s PBIS Dots