• Our Purpose

    The purpose of the SGT is to bring teachers, administrators, parents, and community members together to foster a better understanding of each other’s concerns, and allow them an opportunity to share ideas for school improvement with an emphasis on academic improvement of students. Through the SGT, it is the desire of Sawyer Road Elementary to bring parents and community members together with local teachers and administrators to respectively make school-based decisions and perpetuate school improvement.

    2022-2023 Team Members

    • Susan Graves: Principal
    • Tezella Comeaux: Assistant Principal
    • Majid Bassery: Parent Liaison
    • Sarah Smith: Elected Teacher Representative 1 (Elected in 2022 and Term ends, August 2024)
    • Kristin Lincoln: Elected Teacher Representative 2 (Elected in 2022 and Term ends, August 2024)    
    • Brad Gubler: Elected Parent Member 1 (Elected in 2022 and Term ends, August 2024)    
    • LaShonda Shields: Elected Parent Member 2 (Elected in 2022 and Term ends, August 2024)    
    • Lauren Carry: Community Partner (DOW Chemical)

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    2022-2023 SGT Meeting Dates

    (All meetings begin at 8:00 am)

    • September 23
    • October 12 District Meeting (4:00-6:00 pm)
    • October 28
    • November 18 Cancelled
    • January 27
    • February 17
    • March 31
    • April 28
    • Spring District Meeting (TBD)