MMS Cheerleading

  • Deadline to apply: Friday, July 10th

    Parents and Cheer Candidates,
    By signing this application, you both agree to the following:

    We understand that we are responsible for all costs and the need to pay on time if our child makes the squad.

    We also understand that if our child makes the cheer squad that they will attend ALL practices and games.

    We understand that our child’s academic performance is the most important part of their school career.

    When choosing our squads we will take into consideration your child’s academic standing, attendance record (including tardiness), and behavior record at the time of tryouts.

    As a cheerleader, your child is a representative of MMS at all times. Their behavior will be monitored on and off campus during the cheerleading season as well as out of season. If they get into any trouble they will face consequences.

    Sign up here.

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