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  • Marietta Middle School Counseling Program





    The school counseling program at MMS offers a variety of ways of assisting students, even during this challenging and uncertain time. Marietta Middle School counselors are available to assist students to effectively deal with personal or school problems and to provide educational support and career information.  Services may be requested by students, parents, or staff. You can request a meeting with your (or your child's) counselor by clicking on the red links below each of their pictures on this page.

    MMS counselors look forward to collaborating with you to help your child succeed. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor.


    The Marietta Middle School Counseling Program is based on the following fundamental beliefs that:

    • All students can learn and achieve academic success.
    • All students have the potential to become productive and contributing citizens.
    • All students should be treated with dignity and respect.
    • All students deserve a safe and caring environment in which to learn and thrive.
    • All students should have access to school counseling program supports that meet their individual needs.
    • Embracing the diversity of our students will strengthen our school community.
    • By recognizing and appreciating the cultures and traditions of others as well as our own, students will grow in empathy and understanding. 
    • Educators have an essential role in providing the foundation for student growth.
    • Encouraging student creativity and innovation in and out of the classroom will foster enthusiasm and love of learning.
    • It is crucial for school counselors to use data-driven interventions and supports that will nurture students' personal and interpersonal growth development.



    The mission of the Marietta Middle School’s Comprehensive School Counseling Program is: in partnership with our students, families, educators, and community to create a sustainable safe, and caring learning environment that supports the diversity and social/emotional wellbeing of our students; and within our unique International Baccalaureate Middle Years program context, our counseling program responds to our student's needs as they acquire the skills and knowledge critical to achieve the academic, social/emotional, and career success necessary to become productive global citizens.


    Marietta Middle School graduates are inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring adults who reach their fullest potential as lifelong learners, responsible and productive citizens in an ever-changing global community, and who help create a better and more peaceful world through interpersonal and intercultural understanding and respect.

    SCHOOL COUNSELING STAFF-Phone: 770-422-0311 


    For Records Requests, please email Klopez@marietta-city.k12.ga.us

Crisis Resources

  • Use Your Character Strengths to Help You Cope With This Difficult Time

    Character Strength: HOPE 

    Utiliza las Fortalezas de tu Carácter para Ayudarte a sobrellevar este Momento Difícil.

    Fortaleza de Carácter: ESPERANZA 


     "I am optimistic about the future. Although things are strange, scary, and difficult, I believe things will work out."

    "Soy optimista acerca del futuro. Aunque las cosas sean extrañas, aterradoras y difíciles, creo que las cosas saldrán, bien.”


    See Complete List of Character Strengths at https://www.viacharacter.org/character-strengths  and in our Schoology Page.



    Wellness Tip 

                        Count Your Blessings

    Each night reflect on 3 things that went well. Was it that egg sandwich? Or your baby brother's silliness? Maybe it was connecting with friends on social media. 

    Research shows that reflecting on what went well decreases anxiety and builds resilience. It builds gratitude as well. So count your blessings. 

    Consejo para tu Bienestar
    Cuenta Tus Bendiciones
    Cada noche reflexiona sobre 3 cosas que te hayan salido bien en el día.  ¿Fue quizás el sandwich de huevo? ¿O las tonterías con tu hermanito? ¿Quizás fue que te conectaste con amigos en las redes sociales?
    La investigación muestra que reflexionar sobre lo que nos ha salido bien, disminuye la ansiedad y aumenta la capacida de recuperación. Esto tambièn genera gratitud. Así es que cuenta tus bendiciones.  
  • Dealing with Anxiety and Worry?

    Find a quiet place    

    Take slow, deep breaths   

    Count backward   

    Talk to a trusted adult   

    Imagine your best memory 

    Bend. Stretch. Reach for the stars