Arts Education: A Focus in Marietta City Schools (MCS)

    MPAC Director 770-428-2631 x5046
    Director: Marc Patterson
    For any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Marietta Performing Arts Center and Arts Education, please do not hesitate to contact the MPAC Director who will be more than happy to help you.

    AP and IB Music  

    AP Music Theory is a Collegboard approved and tested subject providing college level music theory and composition skills.
    Our IB World Music course has consistently placed above the world average. It is a course designed for the extensive study of world cultures in music as well as creating submissions in composition, performance, music technology, arranging, or improvisation.

    Band 770-428-2631 x5201

    Directors: J. Michael Cahal and James McDaniel ( and
    The Band Division of the Marietta High School Arts Department is a group that is preparing students for college music scholarships as well as offering quality music and personal skill instruction. This division also performs for many GMEA, system, school, and civic functions. Participation in Concert and Symphonic Bands, as well as Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Ensembles. Jazz Band, World Percussion, and Marching Band are also very active and make up a large portion of the activities. A major part of the Marching Band program is the Visual Ensemble, which is a group that provides the dance and prop choreography for the field shows.
    Please visit the independent band website at: 

    Choir 770-428-2631 x5203

    Director: Lars Grevstad (

    The Choir Division of the Marietta High School Arts Department pursues excellence in vocal techniques and performance. This division performs for nearly every school function and is very active in GMEA and the community. Class offerings are geared towards ability levels, and will take the most novice students in Beginning Choir and progress them through the Advanced Ensembles. Beginning Choir, Intermediate Choir, and Chamber Choir are all available as well as multiple opportunities to participate in local and state ensembles. The Blue Devil Sound after-school club is also a premier and unique group that learns and performs multiple additional songs throughout the school year.

    Dance 770-428-2631 x5205

    Director: Chiazor Nwabude (

    The Dance Division of the Marietta High School Arts Department is where students can pursue the art of movement in space and time. The Dance program is currently involved with two partnerships: The Georgia Ballet and The Georgia Dance Conservatory. Both partnerships provide for clinics, studio work, and specialized instruction in conjunction with our regular dance classes. Students are instructed on the fundamentals of dance technique and have opportunities to study all styles of dance with classroom and extra curricular opportunities. Modern and Jazz Classes are offered during the day with the opportunities to perform in the Marietta Dance Ensemble as an extra curricular function. Students find the focus of this division to be of an elevated art form and very rewarding. This ensemble group performs for various school and civic functions.
    Please access the independent website of our Dance Department at:

    Drama Logo

    Drama, Musical Theatre, and IB Theatre 770-428-2631 x5100
    Director: Holly Smith (

    The Drama Division of the Marietta High School Arts Department is a division that is divided in to two main groups. The IB Drama Program and the general student program. Acting, Theatre Tech, and Drama courses are offered to students of all levels. The IB Drama program writes, directs and produces its own works and has performances consistently throughout the year. The general student program will produce at least one main production through the year, but have the opportunities to participate in the majority of the IB productions. The general student program explores the fundamentals of drama and acting and allows students to explore their creativity. The program is set to perform 3 to 4 different shows and a variety of class "showcases" during the 2018-2019 season. Please contact the director or look at the MPAC calendar for information.

    Video and IB Film 770-428-2631 x5120

    Instructor: Josh Dempsey (

    In conjunction with the CTAE Department, our video broadcast program is an extensive and school integrated program that introduces and extends students through all components of video production. It is a program that it CTAE sponsored, MYP Arts, and heavily involved in almost all major school functions including those in the Marietta Performing Arts Center. This program is also linked to the IB Film Option in our IB Program. Extracurricular AVTF opportunities are available as well, including the morning newscast Good Morning Marietta and a variety of student-driven film productions.

    Visual Arts  770-428-2631 x5118

    Instructors: Amanda Rudolph ( and Christina Grubbs (

    The Visual Arts Division of the Marietta High School Arts Department instructs students in various art genres and mediums. This program consistently wins recognition in the community for producing quality art work for greeting cards, publications , and other various projects. These classes are in high demand with limited space. The department also organizes biannual art shows to display student work, which offers cash prizes to First Place in each category and Best In Show overall.

    MCS serves some 8,500 students at eight elementary schools, one Sixth Grade Academy, one middle school, and one high school.

    The district features strong music programs in each of its elementary schools with one being an integrated arts school, Hickory Hills Elementary.

    With a large band program, vibrant choral program, flourishing theatre/drama program and a dance program in high demand, MCS supports and stresses the arts in all schools, K-12.

    MCS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School District with required arts studies for all students in grades 6-10. juniors and seniors are eligible to take IB World Music and Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory studies or two years of IB Drama studies.

    MCS allows limited non-resident students to apply for and pay tuition to attend.