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  • TLSD Platform Updates (09/2021)

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  • TLSD Frequently Asked Questions SY22 (08/2021)

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  • Professional Expectations 8 2020

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  • GA DOL Employer Filed Claims Instructions

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  • Telemedicine is a fantastic tool to be able to help get the advice and treatment needed without having to tax our Hospital and Emergency Room personnel and system.  The video below explains your Telemedicine benefit included in your State Health Benefit Plan.


    State Health Benefit Plan Telemedicine Video


    Two changes made effective March 14th:

    1. Free Covid-19 testing

    2. Free Telemedicine visits with a doctor to limit in-person visits at health facilities to help prevent the spread of viruses and protect our members from contracting a virus.


    SHBP was notified that Kaiser Permanente is temporarily closing several medical centers, effective March 16, 2020, including*:

    • Forsyth
    • Sandy Springs
    • Holly Springs
    • Douglasville
    • Conyers
    • Stonecrest
    • Newnan
    • Fayette
    • Decatur
    • Brookwood
    • Lawrenceville
    • West Cobb

    *This information is current as of March 16th and is subject to change at any time. 

    Members may visit Kaiser Permanente’s website for further updates surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) at https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/georgia/alerts/p2/ga-coronavirus-updates where this information is in the process of being updated, or contact Kaiser Permanente at 855-512-5997 (TTY 711) or reference the contact info on the back of their Insurance ID card.

    Please note, SHBP Employer Services and SHBP Member Services is unable to answer questions or provide further assistance regarding the closures other than what has been provided above.

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    Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Notices.

    SHBP Legal Notice


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    Attached is a flyer for  common areas in the new Kelly Sub requests and an initial training presentation. Pins can be changed after initial log in.

    pdf  Kelly Educational Staffing Training pdf  Substitute Teacher Scheduling

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    The State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) will be implementing a new methodology for applying subsidies that directly impact the cost of retirees’ and their eligible dependents’ health coverage.  In December 2011, the Board of Community Health passed a resolution adopting the Annuitant Years of Service Subsidy Policy.

     Annuitant Basic Subsidy Policy (Old Policy)

    The Old Policy applies to the following members:

    • Members who were enrolled in SHBP coverage as Annuitants on January 1, 2012;
    • Members who were Active Employees with at least five (5) years of service in a State retirement system on January 1, 2012; and
    • Members who were enrolled in SHBP coverage as Former Employees on January 1, 2012. (Former Employees are individuals who have a minimum of eight (8) years of service and are entitled to State Extended Coverage.)

     For members who fall under the Old Policy, their dependents will also fall under the Old Policy.

     Annuitant Years of Service Subsidy Policy (New Policy)

    Members who do not fall under the Old Policy will fall under the New Policy. Members’ rates under the New Policy will be based on their years of service, which will be provided by the State retirement system. The New Policy’s methodology remains the same as provided in the December 2016 letter and is applied as follows:

    • The subsidy percentage for each member increases with every year of service beginning at 10 years through 30 or more years. Members with 0-9 years of service (i.e., less than 10 years of service) will receive no subsidy.
    • For members, the subsidy range is a minimum of 15% for 10 years of service (i.e., 10 years of service = 15% subsidy), and a maximum of 75% for 30 or more years of service (i.e., 30 or more years of service = 75%; and cannot be greater than the subsidy for Active Employee).
    • The subsidy amount for each dependent increases with every year of service for the member beginning at 10 years through 30 or more years.
    • For dependents, the subsidy range is a minimum of 15% for a dependent if the member has 10 years of service and a maximum of 55% if the member has 30 or more years of service (but cannot be greater than the subsidy for an Active Employee’s dependent minus 20%).

     An Annuitant Years of Service Subsidy Policy Review Process (Review Process) will be available to Annuitants. Since SHBP does not know if members will retire from a State retirement system until a member retires nor does SHBP have access to members’ years of service prior to a member’s retirement, the Review Process will only be available at the time of retirement.

    The SHBP rate calculator is available on the SHBP website (https://dch.georgia.gov/annuitant-years-service-subsidy-policy) for the purposes of estimating a member’s rate under the New Policy for coverage during the 2017 Plan Year.2

    For questions regarding the New Policy, please contact the SHBP Member Services Center at 800.610.1863 

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  • Chief Human Resources Officer
    Phone: 678-695-7292
    Executive Assistant
    Phone: 678-695-7292
    Director of Employee Relations, Compliance and Performance
    Phone: 770-422-3500 ext. 7280
    Director of Employment Services
    Phone: 678-695-7235 
    HR Specialist Elementary
    Phone: 770-422-3500 ext 7263
    LaFaye Boykins
    HR Specialist Middle & High
    Phone: 770-422-3500 ext 7272
    Recruitment and Retention Manager
    Phone: 770-422-3500 ext 7237
    HR Support Analyst
    77-422-3500 ext 7315
    HR IT Support Manager

    The Board of Education of the City of Marietta does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or gender in its employment practices, student programs and dealings with the public.
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