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Employee of the Month - A.L. Burruss

January Employee of the Month
Hannah Alexander

Marietta City Schools is proud to announce Hannah Alexander, fourth grade teacher at A.L. Burruss Elementary, as the January District Employee of the Month. Last year, Hannah worked as a virtual fourth grade teacher and was chosen by the district to write curriculum and model virtual instruction. Since being back in person this year, Hannah has made the transition look easy. She teaches a wide variety of learners: on-grade level children, ESOL children, special education children, and gifted children. For each type of learner, she has an individualized approach that is unique to their learning style. Besides teaching, Hannah is passionate about advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion. She leads the Diversity Committee at Burruss and works hard to educate the Burruss community by raising awareness through engaging displays, providing educational materials, and curating a collection of children’s books that highlight various cultures and groups. We congratulate Hannah on being the January District Employee of the Month!