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Students Succeed During Annual Spelling Bee, Jan. 13

Marietta City Schools elementary "Spellebrities" performed outstandingly during the annual spelling bee. Each year students from each MCS elementary school, the Marietta Sixth Grade Academy, and Marietta Middle School compete for an opportunity to represent the school district at the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) District 2 spelling competition.

The objectives of the MCS Spelling Bee are to help students spell quickly and accurately; to promote students’ correct word usage in meaningful activities; to help students learn to compete; and to provide an environment to promote students’ self-esteem, character development, and sportsmanship.

For more information regarding the MCS Annual Spelling Bee, contact Connie Jackson, CCAE President at
First place  Icesha Sanders, 7th grade Marietta Middle School
Second place  Kate Corr, 5th grade  Westside Elementary 
Third place  Runa Digsby, 5th grade  Hickory Hills Elementary
Fourth place  Brenden Grau, 5th grade   A. L. Burruss Elementary