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Student of the Month - Park Street

November Student of the Month
Aidan Vazquez

Marietta City Schools is proud to announce Aidan Vazquez, 5th grader at Park Street Elementary, as a November District Student of the Month. Aidan has a positive attitude that brightens the lives of those around him. He has a natural love for learning that fuels his dedication and curiosity about his studies. Because of this, Aidan has set the expectation high for class participation and learning in his grade. When faced with a problem, Aidan’s natural response is to expand his way of thinking by asking questions until he reaches a solution. In his class, Aidan has been working to help one of his fellow classmates, who only speaks Portuguese, to communicate with other students. Aidan encourages him to keep trying and never give up. Thanks to Aidan’s efforts, this classmate transitioned into Park Street’s community with comfort and ease. Aidan’s dedication to helping this student illustrates the care and effort he puts into all his relationships. We congratulate Aidan Vazquez as a November District Student of the Month.