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Special Recognition - Yamaha

Special Recognition- November 2021


Marietta City Schools would like to thank Yamaha for its $10,000 grant to All Kids Bike, which awarded A.L. Burruss and Lockheed Elementary Schools with the resources to teach their entire Kindergarten class how to ride a bike. The “All Kids Bike” P.E. program uses 8 separate lessons to teach kindergarten children the basic skills needed to ride a two-wheel bike. The grant includes a set of balance bikes that can be adjusted with pedals as the children grow in their skills, helmets, an adult bike for the P.E. teacher, guidance materials on how to teach the lessons, and a program book on how to perform activities with the children that will aid in their understanding of the new skills associated with riding a bike. The lessons will be included in the students weekly P.E. classes. The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiatives awarded $250,000 to several organizations, including the “All Kids Bike” Program in partnership with the Strider Education Foundation. Yamaha targeted their investments in counties surrounding Yamaha’s production plants in Georgia and California as way to give back and support their local communities.