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8th Grade Students Successful in The Georgia Department of Education STEM Challenge

Throughout the school year, 8th Grade Magnet students at Marietta Middle School have sharpened their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills while participating in the Georgia Department of Education STEM Challenge. Developed by STEM Magnet Team teachers from across the state, the engineering design challenge required students to design, engineer and build a chair using no adhesives and meeting strict requirements using the Design Cycle.

Students began their challenge with specific math and science lessons, researching chair designs and creating a Chair Design Journal. First, students created an individual ¼ scale model of their chair design with poster board and tested it for weight requirements. Then split into teams of four, bringing the best of their individual designs together to create a new ¼ team design.

Their chairs were designed from clean 6’ X 8’ cardboard sheets that were acquired from a PTSA Grant. Each team member was assigned a position before they were cleared to begin construction of their full scale chair design. There were design engineers, document handlers, researchers, and material handlers.

On Friday, March 2nd, students participated in the chair design competition. Their chair had to hold their teacher, Dr. Khan, for 90 seconds to be considered a success.

17 out of 22 chairs held Dr. Khan as well as a few other teachers and staff members, making the Marietta Middle School engineering and design event a success.