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Marietta Police Department

Officer Wallace and the Marietta Police Department (MPD) were committed to supporting our school district during our Marietta City Schools (MCS) multiple vaccination clinics.

It was invaluable for our district to have both departments on hand to assist with any emergencies should they arise. MCS held ten (10) clinics at Marietta High School (MHS) from March through June 2021. We began with MCS employees, then staff family and household members, and the most recent clinics were for MCS students and their families. All in all, a total of 4,689 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered across 10 clinics.

MFD ensured our nurses were supported and were quick to respond when needed, while MPD helped manage a smooth flow of traffic into the MHS parking lot and provided security during the clinics.

We are extremely grateful to the Marietta Fire Department and Marietta Police Department for their dedication and support of our MCS vaccination clinics and we are thankful for our ongoing partnerships with both organizations.