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April Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month Kristen Moore
Kristen Moore – is fairly new to MCS, as she started in July 2015 and is a Marietta Center for Advanced Academics’ art teacher.
  • Kristen is thoughtful and deliberate about planning educational experiences for MCAA students
  • Frequently meets with teachers to bring the arts into the content area and supports content areas in art

  • Kristen is a model of the STEAM initiative in both Marietta and statewide
    • Represented MCAA at the STEM conferences in Athens, GA in October – had a packed house for an “Arts Integration” presentation

  • She plans with teachers and spends many hours working with students on art initiatives after school
    • Recently led and inspired a group of students to enter the “Made by Milk” Carton Creation Contest - together, imagined, designed and built one of the “national award winning” entries

    • Earned MCAA a cash award to be used for educational initiatives – giving MCAA and Marietta national recognition
    • Empowers students with a sense of pride for a job well done

  • Kristen organized a student-focused art show held at “Evening of the Arts” in December at MPAC – placing every students’ artwork on display

  • She developed and shared a week’s worth of detailed lesson plans and prep materials to support another school when their art teacher was unexpectedly out for an extended period of time