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Outstanding Dietician of the Year/Silver Turnip the Beet Award

Cindy Culver and MCS School Nutrition  
Cindy Culver, Marietta City Schools’ Nutrition Director, was recently recognized as the Outstanding Dietician of the Year by the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, for her dedication to the nutrition profession, her leadership in serving others in  both the dietetics and nutrition fields.

In addition to her commitment as Director, Cindy Culver encourages individuals to grow as professionals and achieve excellence in new and developing areas of food and nutrition. This is evident by her continuous support of providing internship experiential learning opportunities to aspiring dieticians to help build a well-qualified and diverse workforce. Cindy is actively involved in several outreach efforts in the Marietta community, including the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Cindy will now compete at the national level through Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for a chance to be recognized in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as participate in public policy work sessions.
MCS Department of School Nutrition Department - Silver Turnip the Beet Award
USDA recently awarded the first-ever Turnip the Beet awards, recognizing outstanding Summer Meal Program sponsors who work hard to offer high quality meals that are appetizing, appealing, and nutritious.

This month, Marietta City Schools Department of School Nutrition received the Silver Turnip the Beet Award for their Seamless Summer Program. Last summer, the MCS School Nutrition Program served over 80,000 meals throughout Cobb County.