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Marietta City Students' ACT scores outperform Georgia and Nation

Marietta City Students' ACT scores outperform Georgia and Nation

MARIETTA, GA Students’ overall ACT scores for Marietta City Schools (MCS) held steady this year, decreasing by only one-tenth of a point from last year. Scores from 2022 are the second-highest ACT composite scores for MCS students in at least 15 years, even as the national average this year drops to a 30-year low.

MCS average ACT scores landed at 22.9 in 2022. MCS outperformed the state by 1.3 points and the nation by 3.1 points. Participation also increased by 11% from 2021, with 113 MCS students taking the ACT this year. MCS students saw gains on both the math and science portions of the test while English and reading saw a slight decrease.

“After life and school changes brought about by the pandemic, we saw more students getting out and taking the ACT this year,” said MCS Superintendent Grant Rivera, “It’s a testament to the hard work of our teachers and students to see our scores stay virtually the same while the state and nation had more significant drops.”

The state of Georgia saw a one-point drop in its average ACT scores, 21.6 in 2022, while the nation’s ACT scores declined to their lowest level in 30 years dropping half a percent, to 19.8, over last year. Since 2018, the nation has seen its ACT scores decline a full point. In that time MCS has seen its average scores rise 1.7 points.