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Superintendent Rivera speaks on Literacy at Georgia Senate

Marietta City Schools (MCS) is leading the way in literacy in Georgia, thanks to the efforts of our Board of Education and district leaders. The district's focus on literacy started almost two years ago with the launch of a community-wide, grant-funded effort focused on the Science of Reading.

MCS partnered with numerous organizations, including the United Way, Atlanta Speech School, and Wellstar, to provide a comprehensive program aimed at developing the reading abilities of children from birth through the age of eight. This program, called "Literacy and Justice for All," has a simple goal: to support every child to reach their fullest reading potential by the third grade.

Recently, MCS was one of three school districts invited to speak to the Georgia Senate Joint Committee on Education & Youth and Higher Education. During the presentation, MCS shared the innovative programs and initiatives that have been implemented to address student literacy aggressively. The opportunity to speak before the Georgia State Senate is a testament to the hard work and dedication of teachers, principals, and academic coaches throughout the district and community.

Marietta is setting a new standard for literacy in Georgia, and its efforts are a testament to the talent and compassion of its educators. To watch the MCS presentation, click here.