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MCS Board Member Jaillene Hunter appointed to Georgia Council on Literacy

Appointment embodies district’s commitment to reading proficiency

MARIETTA, GA- Ward Four School Board Member Jaillene Hunter has been appointed to the Georgia Council on Literacy by Lt. Governor Burt Jones.

Mrs. Hunter joins a distinguished group of appointees, including legislators, educators, and advocates, all of whom bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. The Council, established by the passage of Senate Bill 211 during the 2023 session, is tasked with enhancing literacy rates across the state and ensuring all Georgia students have a strong foundation in reading.

"Every child deserves to experience the joy and power of literacy. As a mother and an advocate for literacy, I understand firsthand the challenges that many of our students face,” said Hunter, “This is not just a professional commitment for me; it's a deeply personal one. I am driven to ensure that every child – no matter their learning style or needs – receives the support they need to become confident and skilled readers.”

Mrs. Hunter's appointment is a testament to her passion for literacy and commitment to Marietta City Schools. Earlier this year, the school board unanimously approved a multi-million-dollar initiative to combat learning loss and ensure literacy for all students.

This initiative includes adding 40 full-time reading specialists for the upcoming school year, providing intensive reading instruction for students in grades 1-5 who are reading below grade level. The additional reading specialists will provide an unprecedented 10:1 student-teacher ratio for reading instruction in a public-school setting.

"I am deeply committed to ensuring that every child in our district achieves their fullest reading potential," said Hunter. "I look forward to bringing the insights and successful approaches of Marietta City School District to the state level and collaborating with other literacy leaders to improve reading proficiency for all Georgia students."

This appointment makes clear that Marietta City Schools will continue to prioritize literacy in the state of Georgia by providing students with the necessary skills and resources to succeed.