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MCS classrooms flourish with addition of reading specialists

Marietta City Schools (MCS) has been proactive in their literacy efforts, with the integration of reading specialists into classrooms marking a pivotal step in their commitment to the Science of Reading and the broader "Literacy and Justice for All" initiative.

In July, Marietta City Schools celebrated improvements in third-grade reading scores based on the 2023 Georgia Milestones. Data indicates a growth in MCS's third-grade mean score, moving from 498 in 2022 to 518 in 2023. These gains were five times higher than both the state and metro area levels. MCS also recorded a 12.8% increase in students reaching “Proficient” and “Distinguished” levels in third-grade reading.

Building on the momentum of our standout performance on the 2023 Georgia Milestones, MCS saw the reading specialists, approved in January by the Board of Education, start inside our classrooms.  Teachers and principals say this decision is bearing fruit faster than anticipated.

"We believed in the transformative potential of these reading specialists, and the early feedback from both teachers and students has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Superintendent Grant Rivera, “Our classrooms are buzzing with renewed enthusiasm for reading.”

The importance of third-grade reading proficiency is undeniable, as it stands as a pivotal marker for future academic success. With the reading specialists already showing signs of bolstering our students' skills, MCS's commitment to literacy and the Science of Reading feels even more pronounced.

“While we've made significant strides in literacy, the journey is far from over. Every child deserves the key to the world that literacy provides. Our reading specialists are crucial catalysts in this mission,” said Rivera, “They're not just teaching—they're shaping futures. We're committed to the work ahead and welcome the community to join us in this ongoing endeavor."