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Marietta High School Tops State Graduation Rate

Marietta City Schools saw the graduation rate increase to 86.4% this year, a 0.7% gain over the 2022 rate of 85.7%. Over the last five years, Marietta has experienced more than a 10% increase in graduation rate, improving from 75.7% in 2019 to 86.4% this year. 

The Georgia Department of Education announced the state four-year graduation rate of 84.4%. Marietta’s rate is a full two points higher.

At Marietta High School (MHS), graduation rates have shown marked improvement among specific student groups from 2022 to 2023:

  • The rate for Hispanic students in Marietta grew 5.5% from 75.3% to 80.8%; Hispanic students for the state of Georgia dropped 0.2%. 

  • The rate for Economically Disadvantaged students in Marietta improved 10.7% from 73.4% to 84.1%; Economically Disadvantaged students for the state of Georgia had a modest gain of 2.1%. 

  • The rate for English Learner students in Marietta increased 4.9% from 64.7% to 69.6%; English Learner students for the state of Georgia decreased 0.2%.

"Our improving graduation rate is more than just a statistic,” said Superintendent Dr. Grant Rivera. “It's a reflection of our unwavering commitment to every student and a brighter future they all deserve. I remain grateful for every MCS staff member — from Pre-K to 12th grade — who serves as an educator, role model, and mentor for our students along their journey of success."