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“Community Conversations” town hall to highlight College and Career Academy

MARIETTA, GA – Marietta City Schools (MCS) kicks off this school year’s “Community Conversations” town hall series on Monday, November 13, from 8-8:30 p.m., focusing on the College and Career Academy (CCA) and resources available to students in the district. 

The “Community Conversations” series provides an opportunity for Superintendent Dr. Grant Rivera and other leaders in the school system to talk through major projects and initiatives. Families can ask questions and dialogue about topics that impact their students.

This month, Dr. Rivera will be joined by CCA CEO Rob Garcia III and CTAE Director Dr. Suzanne Taylor to give an in-depth look into the College and Career Academy. They will discuss how the academy prepares students for success, whether they choose to enroll in college, seek employment, or enlist in the military after graduation.

"At Marietta City Schools, our core mission is to pave the way for our students' bright futures. Whether they're heading to college, stepping into the workforce, or serving in the military, our commitment is to ensure they're ready to thrive," said Superintendent Dr. Grant Rivera, "The College and Career Academy stands as a testament to this dedication, offering the essential tools and guidance our students need to excel in their chosen paths."

Marietta City Schools has a strong partnership with local businesses, the community, and higher education which helps in creating a practical learning environment at the College and Career Academy.

This "Community Conversations" event will be virtual to make it convenient for people to join wherever they are. The virtual town hall will also be recorded so people who can't make it can still access this valuable information.

WHAT: “Community Conversations” virtual town hall, College and Career Academy

WHEN:  Monday, November 13, 8-8:30 p.m.