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Marietta High School named ITEEA STEM School of Excellence

Marietta, GA – Marietta High School (MHS) has been designated Marietta High School an ITEEA STEM School of Excellence. MHS is the only school in Georgia to receive the honor. This recognition serves as a testament to the school's remarkable STEM education initiatives and integrative programs.


"This designation reflects the hard work of our educators, the brilliance of our students, and the unwavering support of our community," said MHS Principal Dr. Marvin Crumbs. "We are honored to be acknowledged as leaders in STEM education and are inspired to continue our mission of preparing students for the technological frontiers of tomorrow."


Collaboration is at the heart of Marietta High School's approach to STEM education. Things like the Tiny House Project, where MHS students employed their engineering skills to design compact homes, as a way to address community homelessness issues. This project exemplifies the integrated spirit of STEM disciplines, creating a learning space where students merge engineering principles within architectural design. Other partnerships with institutions like Georgia Tech have allowed students to delve into cutting-edge technology, such as using a scanning electron microscope to examine the structure of DNA.


Through impactful community engagement, Marietta High School has extended its commitment to STEM beyond the classroom. The 4th Annual Summer of Exploration Conference, organized by the school, opened doors for K-12 students to explore STEM during their summer breaks. Similarly, the school's contribution to the Powers Ferry Elementary STEM Night and its ongoing role in the MATHCOUNTS competition reflects its dedication to nurturing young minds in the community.


"This honor is a clear indicator of our commitment not just to academic excellence but to preparing our students for real-world challenges," said College and Career Academy CEO Rob Garcia III. "Our College and Career Academy is dedicated to equipping students with the skills and experiences they need to thrive. It's a proud moment that underscores our focus on future-ready education."


The school's commitment to scientific and technical disciplines is evident in its diverse curriculum, encompassing laboratory work, research, and development in fields like physical and social sciences and engineering.