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MCS approves new reading program, further solidifying its commitment to student literacy

MARIETTA, GA – The Marietta City Schools (MCS) Board of Education has approved the adoption of a new program aimed at further enhancing literacy and learning efforts in the district. 

The Board unanimously approved the purchase of the Wit and Wisdom curriculum by Great Minds. This decision marks a significant stride towards ensuring the highest standards of reading and comprehension skills across K-5 grades within the district.

"Today's decision underscores our collective resolve to provide our students with the best learning tools,” said Board Chair Jeff DeJarnett. “Wit and Wisdom's rigor will significantly enhance our students' reading and writing abilities, preparing them for future success. Our journey over the past year has set the stage for this moment, and we are thrilled to help lead our community into this next chapter of educational excellence."

The Wit and Wisdom program is renowned for its approach to reading, integrating the development of knowledge across subjects such as science, history, and geography with the mastery of reading and writing skills. This decision aligns with MCS's strategic focus on the Science of Reading, which emphasizes the importance of evidence-based reading instruction practices. This added rigor is crucial for developing critical thinking and analytical skills, setting our students on a path to success in all aspects of their educational journey.

"In our journey towards excellence in literacy, we've prioritized the art and science of teaching above all," said Superintendent Grant Rivera. "The adoption of Wit and Wisdom is a strategic move, born from our dedicated focus on the science of reading and the incredible dedication of our educators. This curriculum is not just a tool; it's a testament to our collective commitment to develop the reading brain and remain at the forefront of literacy education in Georgia."

This approval comes on the heels of MCS's remarkable achievements in student literacy, showcasing unprecedented growth in third-grade reading scores and a robust initiative to combat learning loss.

As Marietta City Schools embarks on this new phase, the district remains dedicated to fostering an environment where every student can thrive, supported by cutting-edge resources and a community united in the pursuit of educational excellence.