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Superintendent Dr. Rivera Celebrates High-Achieving Students at "Super 50" event

MARIETTA, GA — Marietta City Schools celebrated the top 50 graduating students from the Class of 2024 at the “Super 50” event. The second annual ceremony recognized these students' academic excellence and highlighted the essential support provided by parents, teachers, and other influential adults throughout their educational journey.
“Parents and other caring adults are their children's first and most influential teachers, shaping their hearts and minds long before they ever step into a classroom, so we wanted to bring together the ones who made it all possible for them,” said MCS Superintendent Dr. Grant Rivera. “These high-achieving students have earned countless awards and accolades throughout their time with us. This award is a chance to honor everyone involved in their success.”

Each student was presented with a 'Super 50' medal at the ceremony. They were accompanied by two caring adults who played a significant role in their educational journey. The event also featured a touching display of childhood photos and heartfelt advice from loved ones to their graduating seniors as they embark on their journey into adulthood. The ceremony was a heartwarming reminder of the supportive community that contributes to student success.

The top 50 students are among 631 expected to graduate inside Northcutt Stadium on May 23, leaving behind a legacy of achievement and inspiration for future Marietta Blue Devils.