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MCS Launches 'Writing the Book on Literacy: The Next Chapter'

MARIETTA, GA - Marietta City Schools (MCS) is set to transform literacy education for students in grades 6-8 with the launch of “Writing the Book on Literacy: The Next Chapter.” This initiative extends the district's successful Science of Reading-based approach into the middle grades, aiming to provide comprehensive training, coaching, and instructional resources to educators at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy and Marietta Middle School. This initiative will ensure every middle schooler receives the support they need to thrive and emerge as confident, capable readers, ready for high school and beyond.

“Marietta has been recognized as a state leader in elementary literacy, and we look forward to expanding that success to middle grades,” said Superintendent Grant Rivera, “We will integrate research-based literacy strategies across every middle-grades classroom in our school district, fundamentally changing how these students learn to read and write in Marietta.”

The initiative builds on MCS's previous success in the Science of Reading and elementary literacy on the 2023 Georgia Milestones. MCS third-grade reading scores grew five times greater than the state of Georgia and the metro Atlanta area.

Marietta City Schools will continue its research partnership with The University of Georgia's Mary Frances Early College of Education. Led by national expert and professor Dr. Sally Zepeda, the UGA team will conduct focus groups and data analysis, helping the district refine strategies and improve outcomes throughout the next two years.
"Writing the Book on Literacy: The Next Chapter” is made possible through generous support from The Goizueta Foundation. The Foundation will invest $1,100,000 in the program over two years, allowing for comprehensive training, evaluation, and instructional framework development.

"We're profoundly grateful to The Goizueta Foundation for their partnership on this transformative initiative,” said MCS Board Chair Jeff DeJarnett, “This investment underscores a shared vision that every student deserves access to the highest quality literacy education. Together, we will provide the resources and training necessary to create a brighter future.”

With this comprehensive literacy initiative, Marietta City Schools is poised to redefine middle-grade reading instruction, setting a new standard for educational excellence and empowering students to achieve their fullest potential.