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Marietta City Schools Recognized as a 2018 Gold Level Golden Radish Award Recipient

Marietta City Schools Recognized as a 2018 Gold Level Golden Radish Award Recipient 

The Golden Radish Award publicly recognizes school districts who are doing extraordinary work in the area of farm to school.


Marietta, GA  -  Marietta City Schools (MCS) has been selected as a 2018 Gold Level Golden Radish Award recipient and was recognized during the month of October at the Georgia Freight Depot. The Golden Radish Award salutes Georgia school districts for best practices in farm to school programs, such as local food procurement, exposing students to new foods through taste tests, incorporating gardening, and cooking activities in the curriculum. In its third year being recognized, the MCS Nutrition Department is proud to receive the gold level award for the first time.


MCS Nutrition Director, Cindy Culver believes the creativity and hard work of her team made the difference this year.  “We owe Food Corps Service Member, Andrea Richard and Culinary Manager Donisha Harrison a big thank you for spearheading the farm-to-school efforts throughout the district,” said Culver.  “From school gardens to partnering with groups such as Atlanta United, they’ve gone above and beyond to introduce our students, parents, and teachers to the benefits of healthy eating.”


Highlights from the recognition include:


  • Atlanta United, Georgia Organics, and Food Corps Georgia hosted a Farm to School Day at Park Street Elementary. Third-grade students enjoyed painting and seeding kale in recycled milk cartons from the cafeteria. Four Atlanta United players ate lunch with students and talked to students about the importance of healthy eating. Atlanta United’s Executive Chef, Matt Finley, and team Goalkeeper, Brad Guzan, spoke to fifth-grade students about the role of nutrition in professional athletics.
  • Over 1,000 elementary school students sampled Garbanzo Bean Salad as part of October Farm to School Month’s Make Room for Legumes campaign. The students voted and the salad is now a regular menu item at Marietta High School.
  • Sawyer Road Elementary students learned about colonial farming by growing a variety of herbs in the school garden. Lessons on the history of herbs in colonization included making butter in mason jars. Students seasoned and finished their butter with the garden grown herbs for a taste test.


Marietta City Schools was one of 84 Georgia School Districts recognized at the awards. Collectively, these districts served more than 1.3 million students 109 million school meals with locally grown food items during the 2017-18 school year!


“Georgia Organics is delighted to recognize the innovative Farm to School initiatives that prepare our future farmers for economic prosperity. We are proudly celebrating certified organic food procurement, the teaching of organic growing methods and the involvement of Certified Organic farmers in programs

throughout the state. We know that Farm to School and organic education is a great way to increase access to good food for all,” said Alice Rolls, President and CEO of Georgia Organics.


This year, the Golden Radish partners (Georgia Organics, Georgia’s Departments of Agriculture (GDA), Education (GaDOE)  and Public Health (GDPH), the Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) and University of Georgia Cooperative Extension (UGA Extension) awarded 17 new school districts and inaugurated five new Farm to School Innovation awards.