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Aurelia Carbajal: May Student of the Month

The Marietta City Schools May Student of the Month, Aurelia Carbajal, is an outstanding student and a 4th grade scholar at Sawyer Road Elementary.

Aurelia is a kind student and a friend to all. Her desire to learn and help others is unmatched. She has offered to tutor other students who are in need of help, and she consistently serves as a model student.

Additionally, Aurelia is a star student. She has maintained an A and B average this school year in every subject, and every month she has achieved her Accelerated Reader challenge.

Aurelia exhibits the true qualities of a leader, and she loves to help and take on responsibilities around the classroom. She is so helpful to teachers as well as other students, and she truly finds joy in serving and helping others.

Recently, when Aurelia noticed a classmate was struggling, she wrote a letter to her homeroom teacher and requested to tutor the student. She even offered her recess time to help her classmate understand the concepts being taught in class.

Outside of the classroom, Aurelia enjoys being active in community events and service projects. Students complete one in-school community service project in class and have the opportunity to participate in one out-of-school community service project. Aurelia completed both quarter one and quarter two in-school community service projects of writing letters to community helpers and rolling silverware for the MUST ministries Thanksgiving meal. She also showed up with her family for both out-of-school community service projects, and she has also researched opportunities to get involved in our community through Kiwanis Kids. Recently, she participated in Socktober by donating socks to a local homeless shelter.

Congratulations to Aurelia Carbajal, the Marietta City Schools Student of the Month.