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Manoah Walker: May Student of the Month

The Marietta City Schools May Student of the Month, Manoah Walker, is an outstanding student and a 9th grade scholar at MAPS.

Manoah is very focused, polite, respectful and goal oriented. He is able to filter out distractions and remove himself physically and mentally from the elements that will take him off his task, helping him to remain studious and focused on his schoolwork.

It is no surprise that Manoah is a star student, but he has put in a lot of time and effort to get to where he is today. Manoah came to MCS behind grade level, but he has been diligent and worked very hard to pass all of his assigned courses, and he is on grade level. In fact, if maintains his progress he will be ahead of where he is supposed to be by the end of the semester.

Manoah is always early, incredibly attentive, and he is polite and well-spoken with excellent communication skills. Manoah leads by quiet example, and he is always willing and able to help others in the classes. If there is a student who is struggling with content or motivation, they can partner with Manoah, and he will help mentor them and motivate them.

Manoah is wise, mature, and a positive leadership among his peers.

Congratulations to Manoah Walker, the Marietta City Schools Student of the Month.