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Jennifer Cash: May Employee of the Month

Jennifer Cash serves as an EIP and ESOL teacher at Lockheed Elementary.

Jennifer has worked in education for more than 25 years, and she has worked at MCS for 21 years. She is dedicated to supporting all students, but she is especially passionate about ESOL and EIP students. Jennifer is fully supportive of school and district initiatives and is committed to implementing them with fidelity. She engages with administrators and colleagues in a manner that promotes professional learning, positive thinking and collaborative problem solving to support students and move her school forward.  

“I am very flattered to be recognized in this way,” Jennifer said about being named employee of the month. “It is especially meaningful as I work shoulder to shoulder with classroom teachers and the staff at Lockheed. There is no doubt that classroom teachers are the REAL heroes, and it is my pleasure to serve them in any way that I can. I believe that serving them will, in turn, allow them to be their best for their students.”

Because of her diligence and commitment to supporting students with instruction, she was chosen to implement two new literacy intervention programs this year, Read 180 and Lexia, both of which target below grade level literacy. With her support and effective implementation, the students in these programs are making significant progress towards reaching their grade level goals.

“While I hope to reach many, I believe that if I can reach one child, then I would say that my career has been a success,” Jennifer said. “I also like interacting with parents from time to time to build a relationship that focuses on the success of their child. It is surely a team effort and everyone has a role to play. Knowing the parents, especially during my years as a third grade teacher, played a vital role in my classroom success. It has brought me joy as a mother and a teacher to work closely with parents as they seek advice and support for their children. We all have that in common, and my role as a mother has certainly transferred over into my role as a teacher. Time spent mentoring parents and working together helping our kids is time well spent.”

Jennifer wears many hats at Lockheed, as she serves on the Literacy Team Committee, is the school liaison for the YELLS Community Advisory Council, mentors other teachers, and always goes above and beyond to support school-wide activities and programs. She can frequently be seen helping others around the school and greeting everyone with a smile. As longtime resident of Marietta, she is both personally and professionally invested in the MCS community and she is a relentless advocate for students and an invaluable asset to our school community.

Jennifer is a longtime member of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. She enjoys following local happenings around town as she has made Marietta home, and she recently decided to make it her mission to remind people via social media of the importance of reading aloud to children.

“If one parent starts a daily reading routine, then that effort will have been worth it,” she explains.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys hanging out on the Marietta Square with her family and friends. She really enjoys spending weekend mornings with her husband, a big pot of coffee and a good book.

We congratulate Jennifer Cash for being recognized as the May District Employee of the Month!