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Allison Taylor: November Employee of the Month

Marietta City Schools is proud to announce Allison Taylor as its December District Employee of the Month. Ms. Taylor serves as a 2nd grade teacher at A.L. Burruss Elementary and is committed to providing students with the support and direction needed to excel.
Ms. Taylor is a classroom teacher who is immensely passionate about serving the whole child's needs: academically, socially, and emotionally. She leads professional learning and volunteers her time to support teachers through SEL strategies and building positive climates in the building.
Ms. Taylor sponsors several student organizations, including the A.L. Burruss Reading Bowl Team that won first place this year. Ms. Taylor truly is special, different, and better for all students. She works with her students to ensure they achieve success, and she serves as a mentor and support for other students and staff in the building.
Ms. Taylor’s passion for meeting the emotional needs of children is unparalleled, and she truly has a desire to help students learn, thrive, and grow. Ms. Taylor has an engaging and fun classroom that creates an optimal learning environment for students. Her students are happy, productive learners who are encouraged to pursue their inquiries and passions. 
We congratulate Allison Taylor for being recognized as the December District Employee of the Month!