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Vanessa Perkinson: February Student of the Month

Marietta City Schools is proud to announce Vanessa Perkinson, an 11th grade student at MAPS, as a February District Student of the Month.

When Vanessa came us as a new student in September 2020, she was honest about the obstacles in front of her, but she was determined to overcome them. She has proven herself to be focused and a goal setter, achieving academic success in a very short time. Doubling up on all her classes, Vanessa completed her junior year in just one semester and is on track to complete her senior year in May. Vanessa chooses the most academically rigorous classes available to her and plans to attend college.

She leads by example and is always available to help others with academic issues, often assisting the teacher in class by explaining concepts to her peers. Vanessa’s charm and respect for others shines through; she is a gracious and extraordinary student who has exceeded all expectations.

In Vanessa’s free time, she is enjoys drawing and painting, and she also uses her creative side to try different make-up techniques. One of her newer interests is astrology and she is enjoying learning more about it.

We congratulate Vanessa Perkinson for being recognized as a February District Student of the Month!