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Henry Watson: April Student of the Month

Marietta City Schools is proud to announce Henry Watson, a 1st grade MILE student at Hickory Hills Elementary, as an April District Student of the Month.
Henry reads above grade level, is an excellent writer, and is strong in math. He is truly a model student at Hickory Hills, and works hard at everything he does. Henry is described as one of the kindest students and is wise beyond his age.
In addition, Henry is very resilient and one of the most adaptable students the teachers at Hickory Hills have seen. Always smiling and a friend to everyone, Henry is the type of student every teacher dreams of teaching.
In Henry’s free time, he loves playing baseball just like his mom did when she was in school. He enjoys going camping, fishing, and playing board games with his family. Henry also loves a good country song and is very helpful with his little sister.
We congratulate Henry Watson for being recognized as an April District Student of the Month!