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Denise Becerra-Becerra: April Student of the Month

Marietta City Schools is proud to announce Denise Becerra-Becerra, a model student at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy (MSGA), as an April District Student of the Month.
Denise works very hard and has achieved As in all her core subjects and electives. She has demonstrated exceptional growth in math, with her scores increasing by more than 20 percentile points during Fall to Winter. She enjoys reading and also met the MSGA Principal’s Reading Challenge. She is currently at the Proficient level of the challenge, which puts her in the top 10% of all MSGA students.
In addition, Denise is focused, attentive, and consistently advocates for her classmates. She is described by her teachers as very humble, sweet, and talented. Denise is known as a “go-getter,” and problem-solver. She is the student who makes teachers want to teach better and students want to learn more.
In her free time, you can always find Denise reading one of her favorite books or outside enjoying a game of basketball.
We congratulate Denise Becerra-Becerra for being recognized as an April District Student of the Month!