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Student of the Month - Hickory Hills

December Student of the Month
Mackenzie Bramlett 

Marietta City Schools is proud to announce Mackenzie Bramlett, a 3rd grader at Hickory Hills Elementary, as the December District Student of the Month. According to principal Kristen Beaudin and her teacher, what makes Mackenzie special is her ability to be consistently positive and reliable. She learns in her classes with a smile on her face, and never lets herself become discouraged when she doesn’t understand a concept. Her determination to do well makes her a model Hickory Hills student. She works hard to learn from her mistakes and spends time working with her teachers to better understand her everyday lessons. Because of all her hard work, she constantly performs well on all her standardized tests. Not only is she a high performing student, but she is also an avid dancer and supporter of the arts. She spends most of her time dancing but loves to be involved at her church. She is a joyful student in the Hickory Hills community and is sure to brighten anyone’s day. We congratulate Mackenzie Bramlett as the December District Student of the Month!