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Employee of the Month - Hickory Hills

December Employee of the Month
Jennifer Halloran

Marietta City Schools is proud to announce Jennifer Halloran as the December District Employee of the Month. Jennifer is an Early Intervention Program (EIP) teacher at Hickory Hills Elementary. Often in challenging situations with her students, Jennifer strives to overcome all issues and guide her students to greatness and success. She is resilient and encourages them to never quit when the situation is hard. Jennifer teaches her students how to overcome anything by instilling in them her mantra that everyone is smart and capable of learning. Her special superpower is her ability to see the potential in her students and help them reach it. When she’s not teaching, Jennifer is always researching ways to better support her students and looking for new opportunities in which to involve them. She is a proud mother of three and loves spending time with her children. Principal Kristen Beaudin describes Jennifer as caring and compassionate; no matter who needs her help, she is always willing to lend a hand. We congratulate Jennifer Halloran as the December District Employee of the Month!